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One Direction Spy AU:

One Direction star in an action/mystery film. 5 different spies all unknown to each other find themselves trapped in a room after finding out they’re all after the same mission on finding the most wanted man in London after breaking into three banks and taking over £3.7 million over the last 2 months. The tables turn when they hear a voice coming from a speaker in the corner. Every 20 minutes the voice gives One Direction a clue on how to escape. Who is the voice? The 5 men have to battle with finding out who’s in control of this heist and who planned this meeting. Although these 5 know nearly nothing about each other, they’re suspicious that one of them might have known about this meeting all along but with that aside, they believe that they can be an unstoppable team. By working together they plan on finding the psychopath who went on a stealing outrage and…. getting out of this damn room?

(Source: loustomlnson)

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